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An American delegation visited Not To Forget association in Jenin refugee camp, which was received by the president of the assembly,  members, staff and volunteers of the association

Farha Abu Al Haija talked about the association and the circumstances in which it arose , services, programs and projects that provide service and support for women and children , pointing out that the events of 2002 had a negative impact on the psyche of children and women , making the assembly focused heavily on these two groups

Farha also talked about the current situation of the camp and ongoing night raids by the Israeli occupying forces which affects the life and psyche of children and their education, asking the delegation to show Solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause in order to obtain freedom and independence

The delegation has stressed that this visit to Palestine aims to look at the situation of the Palestinian people, confirming that they will carry the message of the Palestinian people and the reality to the outside world, and will try to provide the necessary support for children and women

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