Relief Program

Program Vision: Guided by our religion and inspired by our values, we aspire to a world where the Palestinian community is empowered, social responsibilities are fulfilled, and the needs of people as a unified entity are met to alleviate suffering among those in need.
10 months ago
Relief Program

The Relief Program operates on the principles derived from our religious and moral values. It starts with a fundamental belief in the common humanity of all people and an understanding of our collective responsibility to care for those in need. Guided by these values, the Relief Program strives to create a world where the Palestinian community is empowered and their welfare is a shared concern.

One of the core objectives of the program is to fulfill social commitments, reflecting our belief in the power of collective action to alleviate suffering. The Relief Program believes in stepping up in times of crisis, providing support and resources to help those affected recover and rebuild their lives. It aims to foster a spirit of solidarity and communal responsibility in addressing social challenges.

Moreover, the program recognizes the needs of people as a single unit. It acknowledges the interconnectedness of societal issues and seeks to respond holistically to the needs of the community. By considering the community as a whole, the Relief Program aims to provide comprehensive solutions that address the root causes of hardship and strive to alleviate suffering for those in need.

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