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Feminist and civil institutions participated in it. Farha Abu Al-Heija stated that this meeting comes within the framework of the work of the unit that has been created, which aims to support and support refugee women to reach decision-making positions ..

Under the umbrella of the Not to Forget association, a youth initiative was implemented in Jenin camp, with the support of Action Aid Palestine, where 200 pots and seedlings of decorative flowers were distributed to the children of the Not to Forget association. Seedlings were distributed to the institutions of Jenin camp ..

Not to Forget Association and the Palestinian Consultative Committee in Jenin governorate carried out a series of awareness-raising workshops that targeted social activists and politicians in society, as well as media professionals and jurists, as part of the project Promoting Womens Access to Decision-Making Positions funded by the Canadian government. ..
Associatioof won, in partnership with a number of female social service students from inside the Green Line, organized an entertainment day for a number men in Jenin camp, at the associations headquarters
A delegation from the Canadian mission headed by Brigadier General Steve Graham, accompanied by a number of
consulate staff, visited the Lest We Forget Association in Jenin camp, where he met with a number of women leaders and activists, mothers of martyrs and prisoners, and a number of young people from Jenin camp.
The Womens Affairs team, in partnership with Lest We Forget Association and the Womens Activity Center, concluded a number of community initiatives that were implemented within the project (Reducing Gender Inequality in Palestine), during a ceremony held at Freedom Theater in Jenin camp, in the presence of Iman Nazzal, a representative of the Womens Affairs staff Kifah Amouri and Basma Abu Tabikh from the Womens Center and Farha Abu Al-Haija, members of the administrative board representing the Lest We Forget Association, the camp director Suhair Khuzaymah and Alaa Jabr from the Peoples Committee for Jenin Camp Services, and a number of representatives of NGOs in Jenin Governorate. ..
Lest We Forget Association held a meeting of the associations general assembly with the aim of holding elections for the board of directors. Farha Abu Al-Haija, Raeda Jamil, Jihad Farhat, Haifa Mahasneh, Najah Daoud, Ahlam Bani Ghra, Fatina Al-Rakh won ..

Under the slogan "We will not leave", an association, "Let us not forget", opened a summer camp that targeted more than 100 children from Jenin camp, in the Horsh Al-Saada area.

Farha Abu Al-Haijaa, head of the association, said that this camp aims to raise children's awareness of national principles and concepts, especially with regard to the right of return, in addition to that it carries a kind of solidarity with the children of Sheikh Jarrah and Batn Al-Hawa and all children who live in a state of instability and are threatened with deportation and displacement from their homes.

While Mustham Abu Salama, coordinator of the psychological support project, confirmed that this camp is organized in partnership with the Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East, and that it includes many activities and programs of leisure, entertainment and awareness, and this is an important part of working with the children of Jenin camp, especially as they suffer from difficult psychological conditions and need a green space To be able to play, she mentioned that the camp will last for a month and there will be recreational trips and swimming ..
Lest We Forget Association organized in Jenin camp, in partnership with the Department of Public Relations in Preventive Security, an awareness workshop under the title (Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Social Communication), in the presence of Brigadier General Sultan Zayoud, Director of Public Relations in the Preventive Security Service, and Lieutenant-Colonel Doaa Frasini and Ayoub Issa

At the beginning of the meeting, the president of the association, Farha Abu Al-Hija, welcomed the attendees, pointing out that this meeting comes within the framework of raising womens awareness of issues related to social networking sites and the risks and problems that may threaten and affect women, which reflects this on the situation of the family and society, stressing the importance of partnership between NGOs And government in the service of Palestinian society.

Brigadier General Sultan Zayoud gave a detailed explanation about the dangers of social communication, pointing to the role played by the Preventive Security Service in addressing, following up and protecting society from many issues that women were exposed to. He also stressed the importance and necessity of holding more educational and awareness meetings, through which the targeting of women is targeted. All segments of society reach a Palestinian society in which a state of security and safety prevails.

At the end of the meeting, the participants asked some questions related to the topic, and it was also emphasized the need to target children and youth. ..
Under the title of prevention and protection from drugs, Lest We Forget, in partnership with the Anti-Drug Unit in Jenin, organized an awareness workshop in Jenin camp, targeting a number of women, the association's staff and the administrative body.

Farha Abul-Heija, head of the association, stated that the aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of the issue of drugs, its impact and the risks that result from it, pointing out the importance of parents' follow-up to children and youth because they are more likely to fall into these problems.

During the workshop, Colonel Dhafer Salah and Officer Amin Abu Al-Rub from drug control spoke about the types of drugs and how drugs are promoted, the factors that help addiction, the symptoms that appear on addicts and how to deal with them, as well as about addiction treatment centers in Palestine. They also stressed the importance of communication between the local community and the drug unit in the event of the emergence, discovery or knowledge of any cases that may be used or traded, with the aim of protecting the Palestinian community from this scourge.

At the end of the meeting, the women asked some clarifying questions about the issues that were discussed, and the participants also recommended the necessity of holding meetings and awareness workshops on the subject.




Lest We Forget Association organized a stand in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in the occupation prisons, with the participation of dozens of Jenin camp children, prisoners families, and a number of national, legal and civil figures, in front of the Jenin governorate headquarters.

Farha Abu Al Haija, head of the association, said that this event comes within the framework of educating children about national concepts and principles, noting that there are children inside the occupation prisons who are in difficult psychological and health conditions and that it is necessary to intervene immediately and quickly to release them.

While the child Golan Al-Rakh spoke about the importance and necessity of the presence of captive children among their families and with their families, referring to the fierce attack practiced by the occupation against the children of the camp, where they are daily subjected to arrest and beatings by the occupation forces, demanding the national authority and international institutions to stand by the prisoners.

A number of children presented words, songs and national anthems that confirm that the prisoners are an important part of the Palestinian cause and that we will not forget them and we will remain in solidarity and support until all the prisoners are released from Israeli prisons. ..
The Canadian mission organized a silent auction that included a number of paintings in Jerusalem, in the presence of Brigadier-General Jeannot Boucher, the artist Mark Noel, who prepared paintings and drawings that expressed the Palestinian reality, the head of the Association Lest We Forget Farha Abu Al-Haijaa, and the project manager, Mostham Abu Salama. And a number of representatives of international institutions.

Farha Abu Al Haija, head of the association, said that the aim of establishing the bazaar is to support and support children in Jenin camp, noting that the Canadian mission visited the camp and got acquainted with the reality of the children and their difficult conditions in which they live. ..
Not To Forget society revived the the anniversary of the sixty-sixth to the plight of the Palestinian people at the headquarters of the Assembly in the Jenin refugee camp in the presence of a group of women and children ..
A delegation from fair peace committee in the Middle East / Luxembourg visited Not To Forget society in Jenin refugee camp ..
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (Miftah) arranged a training course on the impact of national and local policies and in Farah TV chamber in Jenin, targeted a group of members of local councils and active in social and political action ..
On the occation of International Women's Day, Not To Forget society arranged a celebration at the headquarters of the association in Jenin refugee camp ..

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