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Lest We Forget Association launched a refugee project that is funded by the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Supporting Human Rights Defenders, which sheds light on refugee women in Palestinian camps and in decision-making centers in the popular committees. ..
The project aims to empower women participation in decision making in their community through targeting groups of women from different geographic locations in Jenin district ..
The project aims to strengthen children and their families in Jenin refugee camp with social and psychological activities, and training group of youth women to conduct the project activities to face the impact of difficult living conditions of children and their families
Funded by the Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient
The project aims to training and aware youth to enhance their participation on political and social life, and to helping in change cultural and social concepts in social and political participation of youth in their community ..
The project aims to training and raise awareness among women on their political and social life participation, and to enhance their role in society and help them in decision making in their community
Partnership with many local organizations
The project is an extension of women roles’ as frontiers in educating the next Palestinian generation and promoting conscientious conduct in sustaining the environment. The project embodies women’s goals to have a healthy generation where children’s education and their environment are at the forefront of their well-being through create educational toy products, and market and sell these items in order to generate sustainable income for the women artisans as well as to fund educational programs within the Jenin refugees camp ..
يهدف المشروع الى خلق فرصه عمل للنساء اللاجئات معيلات الاسر من خلال انشاء وحدة انتاجية للألعاب التربوية للأطفال و تسويقها و اظهار وإبراز دور المرأة التربوي بالإضافة الى المحافظه على البيئة حيث تم تدريب هؤلاء النساء على اعاده تأهيل بقايا الاقمشة بحيث تصبح صالحه لإنتاج العاب تربويه آمنه و تأثيث الوحدة الانتاجية ,2011-2013 ..
The project aims to support children after school program in educational process and learning difficulties, particular children who suffer from social and psychological conditions
Funded by Islamic Relief Organization, France ..
The center is designed to provide health care curative and preventive to mothers and children in Jenin camp , and to conduct Not to Forget society activities
Funded by Val de Marine French province, ..
The projects aim to relief children and poor families through providing dresses in Al-Eid occasion, schools requirements, and charity bakery and loaves
Funded by Human Appeal International, Islamic Relief, France; French solidarity committees and local charities ..
Provide medication, cost of treatment and medical requirements needs to poor children in Jenin camp
Funded by local charities ..
The project aims to provide curative and preventive dental activities in Jenin district ..

Address : Palestine - jenin city - Hifa street    Telfax : 0097242430198   Mobile : 00972599788815  
Email: nottoforgetwomen2002@gmail.com   or nottoforgetwomen@yahoo.com