[ A Workshop On The Economic Exploitation Of Children ]

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A Workshop On The Economic Exploitation Of Children
Not to Forget Women Society - - Tu 18 / 02 / 2014 - 06:32 pm
Not to forget association with the psychological health programmeUNRWA with the global organization of the child protection  Palestine , held a central workshop about protecting children from economic exploitation . The workshop sought the representatives of native and governmental institutions and the children parents

Farha Abu Al  Haija started with a welcoming speech and confirmed that what the native institution did is very important to stop this phenomenon especially in Palestanian community nowadays which affected in a bad way the community in general, and the kids in particular. Abu Al Haija pointed out that the last statistics in Palestine shows that 65,000 child (50%) are considered victims to this phenomenon, she also talked about reasons that caused it like leaving the school, the economic status

and the disintegration of

a family. The workshop discussed the social psychological side, and  the legal measurements to stop the phenomenon

Not to forget launched

advertising campaign in order to stop the children exploitatin. The manager of of education department of labor office in Jenin attended the workshop, the family protection department of Palestanian police, childhood protection network, social psychological health programme of the UNRWA, and the department of childhood protection of social affairs, education, and

Global Movement

for the Defense of

the Child

At the end of the workshop, the participants recommended to work hard in order to stop children exploitation by awareness programmes, media campaigns , and to communicate with parents


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