[ An Italian Delegation Visited "Not To Forget" Association ]

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An Italian Delegation Visited "Not To Forget" Association
Not to Forget Women Society - - Tu 18 / 02 / 2014 - 07:25 pm
A delegation from the Italian province of La Spezia the the headquarters of "not to forget" association , it included a group of representatives of the institutions in the city of La Spezia. Farha Abu Al Haija, the president of the association, has received the delegation with members of the administrative board and a group of women in the camp.The president of the association started the meeting with a welcoming speech which emphasized the importance of these visits,and that creates a kind of communication between the Palestinian people and the outside world,noting that such visits
supports the Palestinian people and the issues of solidarity with foreign people. Farha has talked about the association "not to forget", the reasons for its inception, projects andactivities carried out in order to serve women and children in the Jenin refugee camp.
Farha also pointing out the importance of communication between the Palestinian women and Italian women because it creates a kind of experiences that help shade the difficulties and obstacles that stand in front of the development of Palestinian women,emphasizing that women, whether Palestinian or Italian or any other nationality are ultimately a woman and suffers from similar pressures and social problems, and all over the centuries, there were problems and obstacles standing in front of women's development

At the end of the visit, a film was shown so as not to forget, which is embodied by the events of the massacre of Jenin refugee camp, then the delegation and the women talked about the suffering experienced by people in the camp due to the battle of Jenin refugee camp in 2002 and the psychological effects on children and women

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