[ Screens And Not To Forget Society Show ]

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Screens And Not To Forget Society Show
Not to Forget Women Society - - Sat 22 / 02 / 2014 - 12:30 am
In cooperation with the Foundation screens, the association Not To Forget showed a film entitled My Children My Dears directed by Palestinian Fadia Salah ِAl-Din in the Hall of the association with the presence of a group of activists women working in the field of feminism and civil

At the beginning of the show, the president of Women's not To Forget Society Farha Abu Al Haija talked about the importance of the role played by the Foundation screens through the training and rehabilitation of Palestinians women journalists so that they have the ability to produce short films depicting the Palestinian reality especially women lives and this will help to change the culture of the community and its view of women, noting that My Children My Dears film is one of the ninth screens of women's films in Palestine

After the film has finished, a discussion between the audiance and the director Fadia Salah al-Din on the subject of the film , which dealt with the story of a woman suffering from impaired mobility have decided to exercise her right to procreation and gave birth to four healthy children without any disability

The director also spoke about the reasons for the selected theme of the film on the grounds that there is still a negative view in the direction of people with special needs, she also talked about the challenges she faced during the shooting, emphasizing the importance of the role played by the screens in supporting the Palestinian feminism production

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