[ An Opening Of The Handicraft Exhibition For People Of Disabilities ]

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An Opening Of The Handicraft Exhibition For People Of Disabilities
Not to Forget Women Society - - Sun 2 / 03 / 2014 - 12:54 pm
The community rehabilitation program of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society with  the Society of Friends of the patient and in collaboration with Al Quds Open University opened an exhibition of handicrafts for persons with disabilities in the presence of Dr. Imad Nazal, the director of the university in Jenin, Dr. Jamil Hamad, Director of Medical Relief Society, Ms. Sana' Badawi, a representative of the province, Mr. Walid Abu Mouis, mayor of Jenin, and Ali Barakat on behalf of Chamber of Commerce and a number of representatives of institutions working in the field of disability  

The opening was started with a minute of silence with a reading of Al Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Palestine, and the reading of verses from the Koran by the student Hardan Khamaiseh. Dr. Imad Nazzal confirmed the importance of the role of institutions that work with people of special needs , stressing that the university will take into account the comfort of the new buildings for this groub to give it a right to participate in the educational process, while Sana Badawi has stressed the importance of organizing such exhibitions because it highlights the skills and capabilities of this class , noting the importance of concerted efforts by civil and governmental institutions in order to provide better living conditions for them

Dr. Jamil Hamad has stressed the need to work hard to press for the implementation of laws for the disabled , referring to the need for people with special needs on their rights like other members of the community , stressing the need to adapt the infrastructure to them , pointing out that the opening of this exhibition is part of an effort to help this category by marketing their products

Salim Asa'asa presented a technical paragraph and then the exhibition was opened

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