[ Not To Forget Held An Awareness Meeting ]

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Not To Forget Held An Awareness Meeting
Not to Forget Women Society - - Sat 8 / 03 / 2014 - 04:30 pm
Not To Forget with political guidance , and civil defense organized an awareness meeting of a group of women in the Jenin refugee camp and in the headquarters of the association in the presence of the colonel Taiseer Azzam, director of policy guidance and Col. Naeem Abid , deputy director of civil defense in Jenin on the mechanisms and ways to deal with accidents

The president of the society, Farha Abu Al Haija began the meeting with a welcome speech, stressing the importance of holding such meetings , which aims to inform and educate and increase women's participation in social and political life , referring to the role of the society forget to support women so that they may have a chance of integration and real participation in different walks of life

The colonel Taiseer Azzam stressed the importance of women's role in alleviating the suffering of everyday life , noting that Palestinian women constitute a form of tender and it's through the stages of Palestinian history has proven its role and its participation has been able to reach decision-making positions

The colonel Naeem Abid has provided a detailed explanation about the mechanisms to deal with difficult circumstances and especially with regard to emergency incidents in the house, including fire accidents and how to handle them , stressing the need for women's awareness of the mechanisms and workouts

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