[ Not To Forget Honered The Memory of Nakba ]

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Not To Forget Honered The Memory of Nakba
Not to Forget Women Society - - Th 22 / 05 / 2014 - 10:26 am

Not To Forget society revived the the anniversary of the sixty-sixth to the plight of the Palestinian people at the headquarters of the Assembly in the Jenin refugee camp in the presence of a group of women and children, the ceremony was begun with a minute of silence with a reading light for the souls of the martyrs of Palestine, then Farha confirmed that the organization will remain its past in its programs and activities to increase awareness and related issues pertaining to refugees on the grounds that the problem of refugees and their plight has continued since 48 until today , referring to the role of Palestinian women in the process of education and awareness of what the piece of the impact of the consolidation of Palestinian memory , especially that there is a conviction among Israelis that the adults die and young people are forgetting this is what launched by David Ben-Gurion , Israel's prime minister in 1948.

Farha also talked about the third immigration of people in Jenin refugee camp massacre in 2002, and during which the destruction and the displacement of residents from their homes and camp psychological and social effects resulting from them, then a groub of children drew on glass and wrote the names of towns and villages in the workshops presence where people who suffered in Nakba where offered an explanation for children about the circumstances in which quartz out when they were displaced from their lands and the feelings of sadness and oppression to expel them exclusively from their land , stressing the right of return of the Palestinian people .

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