[ Lest We Forget the Opening of a Summer Camp Entitled (We Will Not Leave) ]

Fri 19 / 08 / 2022 - 09:25 am
Lest We Forget the Opening of a Summer Camp Entitled (We Will Not Leave)
Not to Forget Women Society - - Tu 6 / 07 / 2021 - 01:02 pm
Under the slogan "We will not leave", an association, "Let us not forget", opened a summer camp that targeted more than 100 children from Jenin camp, in the Horsh Al-Saada area.

Farha Abu Al-Haijaa, head of the association, said that this camp aims to raise children's awareness of national principles and concepts, especially with regard to the right of return, in addition to that it carries a kind of solidarity with the children of Sheikh Jarrah and Batn Al-Hawa and all children who live in a state of instability and are threatened with deportation and displacement from their homes.

While Mustham Abu Salama, coordinator of the psychological support project, confirmed that this camp is organized in partnership with the Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East, and that it includes many activities and programs of leisure, entertainment and awareness, and this is an important part of working with the children of Jenin camp, especially as they suffer from difficult psychological conditions and need a green space To be able to play, she mentioned that the camp will last for a month and there will be recreational trips and swimming

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