[ The Womens Affairs Team concludes the project (Reducing Gender Inequality in Palestine) ]

Fri 19 / 08 / 2022 - 09:11 am
The Womens Affairs Team concludes the project (Reducing Gender Inequality in Palestine)
Not to Forget Women Society - - Th 29 / 07 / 2021 - 12:45 pm
The Womens Affairs team, in partnership with Lest We Forget Association and the Womens Activity Center, concluded a number of community initiatives that were implemented within the project (Reducing Gender Inequality in Palestine), during a ceremony held at Freedom Theater in Jenin camp, in the presence of Iman Nazzal, a representative of the Womens Affairs staff Kifah Amouri and Basma Abu Tabikh from the Womens Center and Farha Abu Al-Haija, members of the administrative board representing the Lest We Forget Association, the camp director Suhair Khuzaymah and Alaa Jabr from the Peoples Committee for Jenin Camp Services, and a number of representatives of NGOs in Jenin Governorate.
The meeting opened with a welcoming speech by Ms. Iman Nazzal, in which she pointed out the importance of the partnership between institutions and actors in Jenin camp and the womens affairs staff, noting that the goal of these initiatives is to reduce and reduce violence against women, while emphasizing the need for serious work to obtain womens access. on their rights.
While the journalist Wejdan Dheidi spoke about the importance of the media in changing the stereotypical and traditional image of women, referring to the movie (My Story), which was produced through the initiative presented by the Feminist Activity Center, which presents the experience of a group of leading women from Jenin camp.
The Lest We Forget Association also presented a theatrical sketch emphasizing the need for gender equality and focusing on the need for a free space for women so that they have the ability to exercise their rights without discrimination between them and men, through the presentation made by a group of the associations children.
At the end of the meeting, the discussion was opened on topics of initiatives, while the participants recommended the need to enhance the experience and build partnerships capable of adopting the needs of the Palestinian community, especially with regard to the needs of women in Jenin camp.

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