[ Canadian Ambassador to Palestine visits lest we forget ]

Sun 5 / 02 / 2023 - 05:25 am
Canadian Ambassador to Palestine visits lest we forget
Not to Forget Women Society - - Th 25 / 08 / 2022 - 01:01 pm
The Canadian Ambassador to Palestine, Robin Walufer, visited the Lest We Forget Association in Jenin camp, accompanied by a delegation from the Canadian Representative Office.
Farha Abu Al-Hija stated that this visit comes within the framework of the partnership between the association and the Canadian representation, where support was provided to the association within projects and programs that support Palestinian refugee women, especially in the field of political participation.
Abul-Heija pointed out the importance of the role played by Canadian Ambassador Robin Walufer in supporting the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, especially women.
During the visit, Robin listened to the suffering of the mothers of the martyrs, especially the martyrs whose bodies are still being held by the occupation, as they demanded the need to pressure the Israeli government to release their children detained in the occupation refrigerators, stressing that the international community has abandoned its responsibilities and that it is neither a supporter nor a supporter of this issue. The ambassador's demands to send their message To the highest levels and to human rights institutions to retrieve the bodies of their children.
The participating women also talked about the reality of refugee women, their conditions and the threats they face within the system of customs and traditions that still view women with a traditional negative view, calling for the necessity of empowering women socially, politically and economically so that they are able to assume their responsibilities and change the negative perception of them.
The children also talked about the situation of daily life, especially with regard to the daily incursions into the camp and the extent of the harm that surrounds them as a result of the lack of security and safety, calling on the ambassador to be supportive and supportive of their rights to live like the rest of the children of the world.
During the visit, a film was shown about the emergence of not to forget, which was born from the heart of suffering following the massacre of Jenin camp, in addition to presenting popular and artistic paragraphs and dances.

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