[ In order not to forget the generosity of a number of women of Jenin camp ]

Sun 28 / 05 / 2023 - 07:31 am
In order not to forget the generosity of a number of women of Jenin camp
Not to Forget Women Society - - We 22 / 03 / 2023 - 02:17 pm
The Association "In order not to forget" honored a number of women of the Jenin camp, at the association's headquarters in the camp, in the presence of members of the administrative body and the director of the Jenin camp, Suhair Khuzamiyeh, and a number of representatives of the camp's activities.
Farha Abu Al-Haija, the president of the association, stated that this ceremony was held in honor of Mother's Day, pointing to the importance of supporting women, especially in light of the difficult conditions experienced by the camp's residents and the Palestinian people, stressing that women are the impenetrable fortress that protects the Palestinian family, offering all greetings and appreciation to the mothers, wives and daughters of the martyrs as well Greetings are extended to the imprisoned sisters, including the mothers, for their giving in the course of the Palestinian struggle.
Mostaham Abu Salama, Coordinator of the Psychological Support Project, spoke about the importance of providing psychological and social support to women and children in Jenin camp, as the repeated incursions created a kind of psychological tension in the Palestinian family, and that women need such honoring to enhance their steadfastness and participation in political and social life.
During the ceremony, gifts were distributed to the participating women, and then the work was completed with a field visit to the families of the martyrs in Jenin camp.

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