[ Miftah Held A Training Course On Strengthening Women_Media Relationship In Jenin ]

Sun 20 / 06 / 2021 - 11:41 am
Miftah Held A Training Course On Strengthening Women_Media Relationship In Jenin
Not to Forget Women Society - - Sat 1 / 03 / 2014 - 10:36 pm
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (Miftah) organized a media training course on strengthening the relationship between women and media in the chamber of Farah TV in Jenin, targeted a group of members of local councils and women leaders

Farha Abu Al Haija, the coordinator of Miftah in Jenin, said that the Foundation's program supports women leaders and young ones, noting that the programs, activities and events organized by Muftah aims to strengthen the capacity of women, their development, and increase their participation in social and political life

Farha  explained that the media training comes in the framework of strengthening and enhancing the communication between women and media, on the grounds that there is a real problem in the process of dealing with media, she also confirmed that the media is the most powerful weapon to create a model to change the reality of women in Palestinian society

The journalist Raied Abu Baker who has training, has stressed that this course , which will continue for two days included theory materials and practical training; will focus on the mechanisms of breaking the barrier between women and media , the mechanisms of using the media to support women and how to deal with the reality of Modern Media

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